Monday, October 19, 2015

The End

WARNING:   I am hereby dumping all the rest of our pictures from Utah into this post, and there is nothing chronologic or interesting whatsoever about it.    


What trip to Utah would be complete without a visit to the ubiquitous LIGER found at the Monte L. Bean museum?  What is a liger, you ask?  This particular liger has an African lion for a father and a Siberian tiger for a mother.   Ligers do not occur naturally and they cannot reproduce,  but this beautiful one lived  at the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City for 24-years.  

This is a zebra, not unlike the one Cami saw in Yellowstone. ;) 

Are you scared? 

Trying all sorts of ice cream on vacation is a tradition of ours, which made the BYU Creamery  a favorite stop whenever we were in Provo. 

The Salt Lake temple is beautiful and so distracting that the kids kept wanting to look at it instead of the camera! 

Weirdly I can't remember exactly what this building on Temple Square was.   Maybe the old tabernacle??  

We stopped at Cove Fort on the way home from St. George.  Don't laugh at my obnoxious hair that desperately needed to be dyed.  

We learned interesting facts about the cove...

and the kids enjoyed the old-fashioned activities.  

Park City--expensive, hot, and a my-stomach-hates-me-attack. 

In other words, the kids loved it, but you'd have to twist my arm... hard to go back.  

K and Nana

Nana and a few of her great grandchildren

Thanksgiving Point Gardens

Koi pond. 

Thanksgiving Point Natural Curiosity Museum.

Aunt H with Ellie and Adam. 

Ellie and Nana. 

Us with Nana.

Me and Mom. 

Ellie and Mom. 

Fancy hair-dos and trying on old formals. 

Granny's milkshakes in Heber

A random beautiful sunset one night. 

3/4 of the sisters. 

And this hereby concludes the travelogue.  The next post will be our saying-goodbye-to-Cami post and then I'll be on to blogging about life, the universe, and everything again!  

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Matthew K said...

Darn it, AnnaLisa!! She didn't even show up just for this last picture!! For the rudeness!

By the way, good post! It's fun to see cousins together!

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