Friday, October 16, 2015

Happy Birthday, Adam!

In honor of Adam's inauguration into the teen years (aka his 13th birthday), here's a glimpse of 13 random facts about Adam right now!

1.   He really likes being busy.  We have a lot more on our schedule this school year and he is loving it.

2.  He is in process of trying to figure out how to solve a Rubik's cube.

3.  He has studied about worms and composting A LOT and is the main caretaker of our vermicomposting bin.

4.  He is really into biking right now and I'm pretty sure that he wishes that we could bike 43 miles a day.

5. He has taken after his daddy and is turning into quite the fisherman.

6.  He is currently reading "Animal Farm" for his homeschool English class

7.  He requested lasagna for his birthday dinner

8.  He has a limited wardrobe and will only wear a certain style of t-shirt and shorts.

9.   He was just called to be a Family History consultant in our ward.

10.  He has started to do indexing and family history of his own accord.

11.  He is the king of random facts.   He loves to make you guess the answer to things, then share lots of interesting facts about it.

12.  He's the policeman of our family.  He loves to makes sure that everyone is following the rules.  Your cut's not bleeding…count on Adam to deny you access to the bandaids.

13.  He's a math whiz that can do problems in his head easily, which means being required to "show his work" is the bane of his existence.

Adam is an all-around fun guy to have around (except when you need a bandaid), and we are so happy he is a part of our family!

Happy Birthday, Adam!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Adam! I cannot believe that you're a teenager!!

R said...

Happy Birthday Adam! You are a great guy. We love you. Hope your birthday is wonderful.

annalisa said...

Happy happy birthday Adam dear!! I hope you have a good one!

Matthew K said...

Happy late birthday!!! We miss you!! My boys love being around you!!!

Matthew K said...

Happy late birthday!!! We miss you!! My boys love being around you!!!

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