Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Saying Goodbye

Okay, this is it!    
This is officially the final blogpost in our vacation to Utah series.    

On August 28, 2015 the time had finally come for us to leave Utah and drive back home.   (Yes, it took me a whole month and a half to finally wade my way through all the pictures.)  There were definitely some mixed emotions about the arrival of this moment.   

On the one hand, Cami couldn't have been more excited for this day to finally arrive...   

On the other hand, saying goodbye to a sibling, even one who is leaving for a happy reason, is not easy.  

We are happy that Cami is happy, but we miss her.  

We love you, Cami Rose!   


And for Part 2 of this post:  
Some pics of all the fun she's having at college (as found in our iCloud photo stream)


R said...

It's hard to send a child to college far away from home. I remember how hard it was to drop you off and drive away. Glad C is enjoying college doing well in school and still having some time for fun.

Charlene said...

Seems like yesterday, we were all doing the same fun activities at BYU!!

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