Monday, October 12, 2015

Top 10 Things You Don't Know and Probably Don't Care About Me

1.  I'm a bit of a book snob.  I love reading, but don't have  much time for it in this stage of my life, so when I do pick up a book to read, I want it to be high quality and enriching to my life.   Mindless, fluffy reads are a complete waste of time for me, which is why I love our ward book club, which keeps the bar set high with lots of classics, nonfictions, and  other great reads! (this month we read this , next month is this one (about as fluffy as we ever go), and the month after is this one )

2.  I've never had to wear glasses or contacts, which is good since I can't stand anything touching my face (including sunglasses, bangs, or hats). 

3.  I collect postcards and blank notecards.    I participate in a postcard exchange group as part of providing  a fun hands-on experience for kids to  study geography, but mostly I just love sending/receiving real snail mail.   I'm not as good as I used to be, but I try to send a couple of letters via snail mail per week….mostly to my YW and family members.    

4.   My idea of a perfect day is to have nothing on the agenda and to go  on a long hike.  I love being outdoors and I love walking along beautiful trails, especially with Glen.  I think my kids tolerate it for my sake, but if it were up to me we'd be doing it every day! 

5.   I just allowed my children to talk me into starting an indoor vermicomposting bin.   "Vermi" is Latin for worms.  Ask my kids about it (especially Adam) and you'll get to hear an excited earful all about it!

6.  I'd much rather eat cookie dough than a baked cookie and I'd prefer a ball of chocolate chip cookie dough any day over a fancy dessert!

7.  I have a talent for falling asleep.  Anytime I sit down for longer than about 20-minutes, I have to fight hard to stay alert.    It's pretty much the only true talent I have, so if you ever see my name on a talent show program, be prepared for something really nap-worthy.  

8.  I love challenging myself with a deadline.   I have a hard time getting things done without something pushing me (I guess I'm lazy that way), so I love forming specialized groups and making deadlines for myself.   I've been in FHE lesson exchange groups, preschool co-ops, card making exchange groups, homeschool lesson exchange groups, and when I'm "on" my blogging, I set weekly goals for myself.    Some of my most creative works have come from participating in these groups and I attribute these successes to the fact that I had a deadline and a high standard to uphold, because I was sharing the work with others.

9.  I have visited 17 different countries, besides the US.   1. Canada 2. Mexico 3. England 4. New Zealand 5. Russia 6. France 7/8. East and West Germany (when they were separate countries) 9. Lichtenstein 10. Luxembourg 11. Belgium 12. Netherlands 13. Yugoslavia (back when it was one country) 14. Hungary 15. Czechoslovakia  (back when it was only one country) 16. Austria 17. Switzerland

10.  My top five dream destinations are:
1.  Alaska  (my 50th state)  2.  Venice   3.  Turkey  4.  Cape Town  5.  Australia



R said...

Worms in the house? Sorry not going to happen. You should add very brave to that list.

Matthew K said...

Lara, come to visit us and we can all fly to Venice and maybe Turkey for pretty cheap from here.

Matthew K said...

Lara, come to visit us and we can all fly to Venice and maybe Turkey for pretty cheap from here.

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