Sunday, September 16, 2007


Anyone who knows our family very well knows that we're as true blue BYU fans as they come. There's a giant Y painted in Spencer's BYU blue bedroom...a visit to the BYU bookstore and Creamery is an expected part of every trip to Utah... and each member of our family is required to have BYU clothing that fits them at every age.

Now that BYU football season has arrived once again, all household activities of the day need to be concluded before opening kick-off so that Glen doesn't miss a single play. Last night while Glen was running an errand shortly before the opening of the BYU-Tulsa game, the kids thought it would be really fun if everyone put on their BYU shirts and sang him the Cougar fight song as soon as he walked in the door (totally Cami and Emma's idea!)

I think it's kind of cute, so we put on our BYU garb and practiced singing the fight song for the next half hour while we waited for him to return from Safeway. As soon as he walked in the door I break into "Rise and shout the cougars are out..." with a low chorus of mumbling around me from Cam, Emma, Adam, & Ellie...until the very end, the only part they know well--the arm pumping and the "Rah rah rah rah rah....go Cougars!" when it got really loud and raucous!!!
As soon as they were finished with their rousing fight song rendition and Glen had showered them with the proper accolades, Emma declares, "I know why they sing rah rah rah in that's because cougars say RAHR!"

Later on that night I am trying to teach Ellie the letters B-Y-U, using the plethora of shirts surrounding us as our blackboard. I say, "Look Ellie this is a B--see how it goes around and around like that." Then, "Look at this Y Ellie. It goes down like this and this."

She 's doing great, repeating after me, and tracing the letters on Adam's chest. Then we get to U. I say, "Look Ellie. This is a U..." With great surprise and enthusiasm she says, "Me?" more letter teaching tonight!


K said...

Where's Spence?

I can only imagine how much Glen enjoyed his kids singing the Cougar fight song. Too bad it didn't inspire the Cougs to play better last night!

I've also been teaching Andrew how to say BYU and the U is the only letter he has a hard time with. HAHA! Cute Ellie!

al said...

HaHa! That is so cute! B-Y-Me.

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