Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hall Bathroom Update

Progress is slow, but gradually the hall bath is coming together. Poor Aaron has been inundated with issue after issue with our 40 year old house. I'm pretty sure he will never buy his own fixer-upper after dealing with our fixer-upper for a summer!

For this bathroom--the vanity we bought doesn't fit with the plumbing...the bath faucet doesn't fit the valves...there are NO shower rods available in our odd 57 3/4" wide space... but what is done looks awesome and we are so excited about our lovely neutral colored bathrooms.

So we'll buy a new vanity, get a doothingy that will make the bath faucet work, and somewhere somehow someday we will find a brushed nickel curved shower rod just the right length!!

Woohoo! No more turquoise overload!!


Aitch said...

The bathroom looks fantabulous!

When I first looked at the picture I thought--boy do they have a lot of toys in that tub! Ha ha.

Seems odd that you can't find a shower rod in the right length since they apparently make tubs that length.

Pops said...

Most upscale hotels now have curved shower curtain rods-so that the curtain doesn't cling to you.

You should be able to order one on-line through Home Depot or Lowes.

Aaron did a magnificent job!!!

annalisa said...

the bathroom is looking good! i know you'll be excited when it's done! i know i'll be excited when it's done :)

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