Saturday, September 29, 2007

Let there be light!

Reality Check 101: There's nothing like owning your first home, to make you discover very quickly that you're not a fixer-upper type of person and that you didn't marry one either.

Reality Check 201: Even worse than not being handy, turns out we also have a high tolerance for house problems--big and small! (Perhaps tolerance is the wrong word. It's more like we're indecisive and too cheap to hire someone to do what we can't).

My sister, K, has been calling for the removal of our 1966 entry way light fixture and the accompanying brown linoleum, since the day we moved in! However we never really could justify spending our very limited energy and budget for home improvements on something that seemed so frivolous in comparison to our crumbling bathrooms.

...but now we've FINALLY (6+ years later) started to make some progress taking care of some of the more pressing concerns (see home improvement links on right).

Now presenting...

Now onto our brown linoleum, landscaping, kitchen, gutters, basement floors and walls, and the list goes on and on!
Thanks K!


K said...

Hooray for the new light fixture. The old fixture was so ugly and the new one is oh so lovely! Progress is a wonderful thing!

Aitch said...

I love it!

Mom-Dad said...

Your house is becoming ever more elegant (and marketable)!

Love the new chandelier.

al said...

i like it a lot! it is lovely!

Anonymous said...

That is elegant looking. Lara I would not worry about the travel. You have 5 beautiful children and after you get Cami married at 11 and the rest of them raised you will be traveling and they will all be raising their kids.
Love your cute kids
Aunt Valerie

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