Thursday, September 6, 2007

It's a Small World After All...

...especially in Williamsburg.

It seems that in our lives that most small world happenings (hereafter known as SWH) we have tend to have something to do with the church. For instance last year when we were in Williamsburg (in torrential downpours) we looked on the internet and randomly picked a ward to attend on Sunday. In classic small world style about 10 minutes after we'd sat down--in walks Glen's best friend from BYU--Brad, who joins his family sitting just 2 rows in front of us. We had lost touch with them over the years, and last we knew they were living in UT. And we just happen to sit 2 rows away from him in one of several wards we were choosing between...2000 miles from his last known location! (SWH#1 )

Hop forward 11 months to Williamsburg 2007. We were at Busch Gardens and it was HOT HOT HOT, which consequently meant we were constantly looking for places to find liquid refreshment. So imagine our surprise when we happen upon Eloy working at this drink stand.

Who is Eloy you ask? Good question. In a rare small world occurrence having absolutely nothing to do with the church we had happened across Eloy who happens to be the person we bought our house from 6 years ago!!

So after he and his wife retired to Williamsburg, they got a little bored with the golden years and decided to spice up their lives by working at Busch Gardens every summer...where we run into him and get major SWH #2 in Williamsburg!!

And lastly in much more normal small world style, and not anywhere near as cool as the first two... as we were leaving Water Country USA to head back home we decided to stop at a restaurant there in Williamsburg for our dinner. Immediately we happen across 2 Elders who are dining with an investigator, who happen to serving in Brad's ward. (SWH #3)

Just as we're settling down to enjoy our meal in walks a group of fifty or more young adults who are seated very near us. As they're filing in I can't help but notice that not even one of these people is wearing a tank top or even shorts..and it's over 100° outside. I whisper to Glen that I bet it's a youth conference or something since there is no possible way on earth that you'd get a group of youth dressed that modestly on such a stifling day. As Glen is expressing his doubt on the matter an observant youth notices Glen's BYU hat and and informs us that it's actually a giant field trip for a history class at BYU-Idaho. A field trip where they spend three weeks touring the major historical sites along the East coast then hitting all the church history sites on the way back to Idaho. How fun is that? So there's SWH#4 for you.

Then after we'd left my sister, AnnaLisa, realizes that the familiar-looking professor leading the trip, had actually been her D & C professor when she attended BYU-Idaho before her mission.

So that rounds out our plethora of small world happenings in one small city!


Aitch said...

Wow! That's a lot of kwinky-dinks!

annalisa said...

i love these stories!

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