Saturday, September 8, 2007

I am Peanut Butter...

...and you are jelly!

Here's a very enlightening little slide show about how to make a good PB&J--created by Cam and her BFF Megan for their very first school assignment of the year.

Of course the assignment was to write an essay of how to do it, but Cam is incapable of doing the bare minimum. Her essay was 2 whole pages single spaced, and included such steps as getting off the couch, walking up the stairs, etc. And then she remembered that we had this fun PB&J song sung by Inside Out, so her and Megan hatched this idea and here it is. Note the "costumes" Cami chose--Megan (the PB) had to wear the brown shirt and Cam (the jelly) had to wear all red...clever.

I think it's worth an A+...what do you think?


Karey said...

Wow... the new computer is leading to new levels of scholastic excellence! You are so creative, Cami! And it didn't hurt that you brought Ellie's cuteness into the mix! A+!!

Aitch said...

Talk about a flair for the dramatic! I especially loved the way you FLUNG the jelly lid :o)

P.S. How do you turn in a homework assignment like that? On a CD? Or do you just direct the teacher to your blog?!

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