Thursday, September 20, 2007

Know of any Mormon convents?

We should've been a little more worried when Cami continued to get invited to boys' birthday parties well into second grade--often being either the only girl or one of a couple. Then last year a classmate of hers, whom we shall call "George", would call her somewhat regularly to ask her a homework question, giggle, then say, goodbye. Fast forward now to fifth grade, on Friday night George's best friend "Pedro" calls up Cami to tell her that George has a huge crush on her.
Cami responds, "Good for him," and hangs up (way to go Cami!). However George and Pedro were not to be so easily dissuaded, and thanks to the wonders of caller id we can see that they called 14 more times over the week-end...AND THEY'RE ONLY 10!!!

Now do you know of any Mormon convents we can sign her up for?


K said...

Wow! I can't believe it has already started for Cami. Glen is going to have a tough job once she gets old enough to actually date!

Twinkies said...

Cami is really cute and nice -- so you can't blame George for liking her. On the other hand I can't even describe how nervous this post made me about my future. We plan on telling our girls that "boys are the devil"! (and that alligators are ornery because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush)

Matthew K said...

Are there any all-girls schools in the area? I also volunteer to help Glen put some fear into the heart of Cami's first date (at least 13 years from now).
On another note, Karey still has not seen "Waterboy". Sad but true.

Karey said...

Well, you should really watch out because, as I recall, Cami did catch the bouquet at our wedding! I don't know if we told you this, but I caught the bouquet at a wedding right before Matt and I got engaged - so we totally believe it works. Careful, Cami!!

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