Monday, January 14, 2008

9:00 Church.

Each Sunday through 2007 we would lament on the downfalls of having church at 1:00...Ellie missing her nap, getting home just in time for dinner, missing our afternoon walks, etc.

Now after 2 weeks at 9:00 I'm not so sure what it was we thought we were missing. Now instead of leisurely sleeping until 8:30, we're dragging groggy kids out of bed at 7:15! No more finishing up lessons, talks, or other church materials on Sunday morning! And instead of long walks and more time to prepare dinner, half the family collapses into their beds the moment they walk in the door from church!

And something I forgot...early meetings! Since Glen needs to be at the church by 7:30, that leaves only me getting everyone ready by myself. Thankfully Spencer, Cami, Emma, and Adam are mostly independent...but they're also kids. If anything more interesting comes along while they're supposed to be getting ready, they're quick to be distracted. Especially Adam.

So Adam was supposed to be getting dressed, but as we're ready to walk out the door I realize he's still standing there in his pajamas complaining that he can't find his white shirt...

...this was the first shirt we found! Forget about combing his hair. And hopefully not too many people noticed him coming into church barefoot with shoes and socks in hand!

Oops!--and he has a talk in Primary (never mind the fact that I was the one who assigned it).

How many more weeks until 1:00 church again?


Denise said...

I'll keep your thoughts in mind as we now lament 1 pm church ourselves.

On a positive note, we were on time, for the first time ever.

The kids all marvelled at what it felt like to sit on a cushioned chair during sacrament meeting.

They have been so deprived!

Twinkies said...

I loved having the early schedule. We are now on a 10:30 schedule, which has been pretty nice so far. I guess it gets more complicated when you have kids who like to sleep in (which would be a dream come true for us right now).

Steve-Rosanna said...

Oh the memories that came flooding back as I read your post about getting ready for church!

We could probably fill a book with our collective memories of getting everyone out the door and to church semi "on-time."

Thanks for sharing Lara.

Adam, you look GREAT!!

Love, Grandpa-Grandpa

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