Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mom time

I love being a Mom to five kids. Truly there's never a dull moment in my life and it's hard not to laugh constantly with the seemingly endless crazy things they say and do.

With that preface now I'll also say that sometimes the daily tasks that fill my time; like laundry, dishes, cleaning, cooking, etc., seem never-ending and tedious. So over the years I've found that if I make sure that I have my own hobbies and activities to get excited about, then it somehow makes me a better Mom/wife/housekeeper/person all around.

I've gone through many "phases" in my hobbies...reading, cross stitching, letterboxing, scrapbooking, extreme bargain hunting, cook book creating, blogging, card making, and FHE lessons.

I guess it must be a part of my personality, but when I first discover the joys of whatever new activity I'm trying out I tend to go BIG! Buying carts of groceries for under $5 (but spending hours a week sorting coupons and shopping at different stores)...reading an entire series of books in a week...being in 3 FHE exchange groups at the same time...making scrapbooks for the whole get the picture.

Glen is always very supportive of whatever my hobby of the day is, but then again he's always pretty relieved when my enthusiastic zeal starts to wane a little and balance reigns again.

Thankfully I'm not currently in the middle of any huge projects or experiencing overzealousness in any of my pursuits, but here's an example of one of my "fun" things in life right now...card club. I made 10 of these frog cards, let Spencer babysit....

...and I got to enjoy an evening with the girls and receive these 10 beautiful cards in return!

And now doing the laundry, dishes, organizing, mopping, cooking...just doesn't seem as hard today.


Anonymous said...

i really like the card you made! it's really cute! al

Deanne said...

Even though I only have 2 kids, I can relate to all the tedious day-to-day stuff. Although, I can get carried away with my projects and totally forget about the laundry, dishes, dinner, etc. I eventually catch up though...

Adam said...

thos are cute cards

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