Friday, January 4, 2008

"Rass Coco Pie" Emma & Elena

Emma and Elena are only a week apart in age and they have been good friends since they were in preschool together.
Tonight they decided that they would make a delicious dessert for everyone to share.

Here is their original recipe, consisting of a graham cracker pie crust, melted chocolate marshmallows, strawberry/raspberry sauce made in the blender, and a crushed graham cracker topping.

After a lot of happy giggles, sharing of great ideas, a couple of crashes, and only a few marshmallow-y footprints on the floor...the final result was sticky, tasty, and enjoyed by all the children!


Denise said...


You are a braver woman than I! But it does look like fun.

Karey said...

Oh, your kids are so little in this post! Your "LinkWithin" thingy took me here :) Love you guys!

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