Saturday, January 12, 2008

Captain Underpants...a distant relative?

Being the mother of five children, I often get the comment that "I've seen it all." I'm here today to say that it is most assuredly not true that I've seen it all. Each day is filled with surprises...some delightful and others not so!

When Spencer was a toddler, he had a fascination with wearing his underpants (clean of course) like a helmet. I have several pictures from this time frame similar to this one.

So a few years later we're sitting on the floor in a school gym watching a basketball game. Cami (three at the time) is wearing a dress and not being very ladylike, so I keep trying to encourage her to sit more modestly, which on a floor is hard to do. After about half way through the game I realize after a lot of squirming, climbing, etc that it's worse than I imagined... she is not wearing any underwear at all.

So today seven years later we're in a school gym again watching Spencer's basketball game. During the time-outs kids would run out from the sidelines to take advantage of a free moment to shoot a few hoops or take a couple laps around the gym. Emma was eagerly racing back and forth while I timed her and trying desperately to get Adam to join her. Adam was being somewhat reclusive, curled up, and holding onto his ankles. Finally I realize what his issue is...his underpants are down around one of his ankles and he's paralyzed into place not sure how to proceed. How this happens I have no idea.

Have I seen it all yet? Definitely not!


Anonymous said...

wow that's kind of funny! al

Denise said...

I love how their minds work. Anything, absolutely anything, can be a toy!

Twinkies said...

I bet they weren't always clean ;)

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