Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fun on the "perfect date"!

So the perfect date, dawned just a tad hot and humid...definitely no light jackets needed, with Glen out of town for the third day in a row. So it was left up to me to decide how to spend the perfect date.

Activity #1--a trip to the farm

The kids loved the hay ride, pretend tractors and of course all of the animals. The turkeys, chickens, cows, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, and peacocks (aren't peacocks found on all farms?) were each so fascinating to them, that they had not had their fill even after 3 hours! The goats won a special place in their hearts when they came over to eat grass out of their hands.

Activity #2--miniature golfing.

This picture is of Ellie in complete devastation after she'd hit her ball into the hole not realizing that it was actually a tube down to another level. Although she was so sad that her ball was seemingly gone, it was hard not to laugh at how much it meant to her. Luckily as soon as she had her lavender ball back in hand she was all smiles again!


Denise said...

Happy birthday Lara.

I'm so glad it was a good deserve it!

Kim said...

Happy birthday Lara!!
You are always one to make everything into a wonderful moment!! Good for you!!

Lara said...


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