Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm too young to have a teenager!

Thirteen years ago today I was very excited to be giving birth to our first baby! I was 22 years old (barely) and had just finished finals a couple of days before. He was born on a Sunday night at 8:53pm and even when the doctor made fun of him for his giant banana shaped head then sent me home all of 12 hours after he was born...we didn't care a bit. We were so in love with our sweet new baby boy!

Ten days after he was born we packed up our little Dodge Shadow and drove all the way to Baltimore for Glen's first internship with E & Y. We didn't know a single soul, had a brand new baby, and I had just come from a full semester of school and 2 part time jobs...I was definitely feeling more than a little lost!

We ended up making many wonderful friends that summer and grew to really love our new life as parents!

At the end of that summer we trekked back to BYU, then did it all again the next year...this time with an active one-year-old. The summer he was two, we made the trek out East one more time and haven't left since!

Over the years with lots of healthy foods...

and plenty of exercise...

and more exercise (some things never change)...

We now have an awesome teen-ager living in our house!

Happy Birthday Spence! We love you and are so proud of who you are!!!!


Aitch said...

Happy Birthday Spence! I can't believe you're a teenager already!

Love the pictures--you're still as cute as ever :o)

annalisa said...

happy birthday teenager!

K said...

Happy Birthday Spencer! You are so old now! HA!

grandma crain said...

Happy Birthday Spencer! I can't believe you are that old. Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Steve-Rosanna said...

What beautiful teeth you have my dear! (from Little Red Riding Hood)

Happy happy birthday Spencer!!

Go Jazz!!

Love, Grandpa-Grandma

Anonymous said...

Spencer, you are disallowed from growing any more! It is not fair for you to be taller than your mom and dad :-).

In all seriousness, we are very grateful for the young man you have become. You are a great example for your younger sisters and brother and we are so thankful for who you are.

We love you! Happy birthday - keep using your birthday present - you might be able to compete with me at some point :-) ha-ha-ha!



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