Sunday, April 13, 2008

Just playing Johnny Appleseed...

With the recent advent of the more Spring-like weather, the kids have been playing outside for hours each day. They jump on the trampoline, collect rocks, climb trees, play tag, and run, run, run. It's great--they come into the house completely exhausted each night and sleep really well!

With five kids I've heard a lot of funny things my kids say and do while they're playing together and they don't think I'm listening. So a couple of days ago my curiosity was piqued when they came back in the house for some supplies before running right back out...scissors, toilet paper, and tape. Huh?

Apparently they're pretending to live in the woods and they happen to not like wearing shoes (the not wearing shoes part is actually true),

so they wrap and tape toilet paper to their feet while they plant seeds.

Sound familiar? Yep, they're playing Johnny Appleseed with the modern twist of tp and tape.

Isn't being a kid great?


Charlene said...

I love how kids can come up with the most unusual items for creative play!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Oh to be a kid again!!

So much fun...

Love, Dad-Mom

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