Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Perfect Date!

What can I say? I've always enjoyed this short little movie clip and get it quoted to me a lot every April 25th.

Enjoy the perfect date!


Deon said...

Cracks me up - I love that movie! Enjoy the perfect date, then. Weather should be nice today!

Aitch said...

Happy Birthday Lara!!

Deanne said...

Too cute. Thanks for making me laugh today! And Happy Birthday too!

annalisa said...

happy birthday lara!

K said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lara dear! Hope you get a perfect date with Glen soon!

Charlene said...

Happy Birthday Lara!

Steve-Rosanna said...

I remember the first time we saw the movie-totally cracking up over the "perfect date" line.

How appropriate it is in our lives!

Hope you had a great birthday!

Sorry to have woken you up at 12h01 am the morning of your birthday. We thought that you were always up that late.

Love, Dad and Mom

Lara said...


Anonymous said...

And I thought taking you to Dan Fogelberg at Park West was your all time perfect date - or fly-fishing on the Provo River.

The delisions of a doting husband!

I love you!

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