Friday, May 2, 2008

Little did we know...

Eleven years ago this week we were...

*Unpacking our boxes and feeling pretty excited about Glen's first "real" job at E & Y in Baltimore. The $38,000 salary was six times what we'd ever made before!

* Lamenting over our super high rent payments of $650 a month...twice the rent amount we'd ever paid before.

*I weighed exactly what I do now (...I don't think this would qualify as bragging since I was eight months pregnant with Cami at the time).

*Missing the much lower Utah food prices

*Really longing for the Varsity Theater--edited movies and a low price, how can you beat that?

*So excited about Glen's corporate passes to the Baltimore Aquarium, Maryland Science Center, and Baltimore Zoo!

*Wondering where all the nice high school kids work at, since every fast food restaurant and grocery store were filled with people who didn't speak English

*Really hating the fact that our junker car didn't have air conditioning...being pregnant during the summer in Baltimore...yes it was miserable!

Somewhere in those eleven years we started calling this area "home" and here we are sixty miles south, but still loving this area!


Charlene said...

It must feel nice to be settled in one place for so long! I know that Roger and I long for that and hope it will be soon! (not in cold Fergus Falls!)

Denise said...

It's crazy how quickly the time passes! Troy and I were just talking about how we have been out here 7 years! It has gone so quickly!

annalisa said...

man i can't believe that it has been that long. i remember coming to visit you in baltimore and spence was a baby. it seems like yesterday.

Grandpa-Grandma said...

Not really sure about the accuracy of this observation, but it seems like "only yesterday". Almost certain that time really does go faster and faster as we age.

Remember that wonderful summer that we came back from Russia and lived with you in your little townhouse in the Cherry Hills ward? What I remember the most is the incessant Utah heat.

Oh the memories!!

Thanks for sharing.

Love, Dad-Mom

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