Sunday, May 18, 2008

Long overdue...

Just after plopping down every cent in our possession to buy our house 7 years ago, we realized that there were a lot of things we still needed to buy...lawn mower, rakes, shovel, grill, weed whacker, etc.

So we did what every other broke American would do--we robbed our change jar and hit every yard sale in a five mile radius to search for what we needed in hopes that it would last until we could afford a new one! (Okay, maybe most broke Americans would have just maxed out their credit cards instead...)

After seven years with that old yard sale lawnmower that left its users drained of energy...Glen finally got a shiny new self-propelled lawnmower that practically pushes itself up our hills! I'm not sure who was more excited about this purchase...the two people who use it most, Glen & Spencer. Or me who expects our lawn to stay looking much nicer now!

Then as an annual Mother's Day tradition (a week late) we added a good dose of color to the yard with some petunias, impatiens, dianthas, and salvias.

Combined with our blooming azaleas and rhododendrons and neatly trimmed lawn, our yard is looking very fun and springy right about if we can just keep it that way!

(Just as an aside--Adam took these pictures, including this amazing close-up of our azalea bush).


Denise said...

Adam is quite a good little photographer.

Congrats on the lawnmower.

I don't do the mowing myself, but I hear a nice mower makes a big difference.

Grandpa-Grandma said...

Great pix Adam!! You may have a career as a photographer.

Your lawn looks great-far better than ours.

And after a cool wet spring, it has finally turned hot-really hot.


Love, Dad & Mom

Twinkies said...

great pictures adam! You have a great talent already.

Charlene said...

I love garage sales!! We also have a lot of hand me downs and are looking at having to replace some of it. It was nice while it lasted!! Adam did a great job taking pictures of the flowers!

annalisa said...

how exciting that you got a new lawn mower! adam did a good job taking the pictures:)

Anonymous said...

Just for clarity, Adam's pictures are wonderful and we were happy to see him running around Saturday shooting pictures at will, but we did have to wade through over 150 pictures (on our digital camera) to find the masterpieces (the one of me mowing excluded)!


Grandpa-Grandma said...

They say that professional photogs will go through dozens of rolls of film to yield the one prize-winning gem.

Good job Adam!!

Love, Grandpa

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