Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ties and play-doh!

It seems like every time I go shopping for Sunday clothes for my boys, it's become almost impossible to find white shirts without the ties included, much like this set:

Normally that wouldn't be such a bad thing...a shirt and a tie for $10. However I'm totally convinced that they only use their leftover, ugly fabric for these "bonus" ties, thus I keep them only for back-up purposes.

So today, as per usual, was a little chaotic getting out the door to church. It was time to go, Glen was long gone at his early meetings, the kids are in the car, and Adam didn't have a I grabbed the only one I could find--a lovely lavender creation that came with one of his white shirts.

He immediately protested that he couldn't possibly wear a GIRL tie.

Hehe! A girl tie! Why else would they make lavender ties?!

Boy, Ellie's ears perked right up at this exchange and moments later she happily claimed that tie as her own and put it on without hesitation, while Adam went to church without a tie.

Then on the ride home I asked the kids usual after church question, "What did you learn about today?" and got the following responses:

Emma--"I learned about prayer and how sometimes you have to wait for your answer..."
Adam--"I can't remember."
Ellie--"I learned about play-doh and made a ball."

How dull my life would be without my houseful of kids!


annalisa said...

kids say the cutest things sometimes:) your kids are funny!

Charlene said...

Blake is 7 and still won't wear a tie. I'm impressed that your son and daughter want to wear a tie as young as they are!!

Denise said...

Amen to that!

JenJ said...

We have an 8:30 start time right now on Sundays. I have to say I do love it because we get out at 11:30, but wow! What a morning!!!

Aitch said...

Glad to know that Ellie still has her own style!

What sweet kiddos!

Kim said...

It is fun sometimes to step back and realize how much fun they really are to have!

K said...

Ellie and Adam are too funny! I don't think andrew has caught on yet to the fact that boys are only supposed to wear certain colors.

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