Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Tuesday in the Life

Here's a typical Tuesday in our household:

6:20--wake up/shower/get ready/make lunches/get kids ready for school
7:30--take Spencer to school
7:50--take Cami to before-school Fitness Fanatics program
8:30--Emma catches bus to school
9:15--take Adam to preschool
9:45--drop Ellie off at her friend's house
10:00-12:00--help in Cami's & Emma's classes at school
12:10--pick up Ellie
12:30--pick up Adam
1:00--feed Ellie lunch and put her down for a nap
1:30-3:00--spend time with Adam, do laundry, check email, pay bills, etc.
3:20--Spencer comes home
4:00--Emma comes home
4:30--drop Emma off for piano lessons
4:45--pick up Cami from Girls' on the Run and bring her to piano lessons
5:30--pick up Emma & Cami from piano lessons
5:45-6:15--prepare and eat dinner/help kids with homework (yeah we eat a lot of hot dogs and leftovers on Tuesdays)
6:20--bring Spencer to the church for basketball/Scouts
7:30--bring Cami to the church for activity days (this one's only every other week)
7:30-8:30--entertain tired kids at the church
8:30--pick up Spencer & Cami from church (doing our bedtime routine in the car by reciting memorized scriptures & singing songs)
9:00--hurry up and put the kids to bed as soon as possible
9:30-??--clean up and recover from the rest of the insane day and wait for Glen to come home so we can watch our DVR'd American Idol (at least for this one last week)

...then collapse in complete exhaustion.


Denise said...

I got tired just reading it!

But then again, this is why you have happy kids and a clean house.

I've settled for kids with dirty faces and let's not talk about my house!

Lara said...

Ha! I don't think my house has ever been clean...especially not lately! And a peek into my house around 6:00 would likely yield at least one child screaming at another.

Floyd Family said...

I don't know how you do it. I feel like I'm going out of my mind with just 3 little boys. You are deffinately a super mom. You've got lucky kids and a lucky husband!

Deon said...

Uh oh - so now what will you do at 9:30 after tonight??

K said...

I am exhausted just reading about your day! Hope you're already in bed!

Charlene said...

That is a busy schedule!! Does that come with having older children? Ethan is just starting to get busier!!

annalisa said...

lara, i don't know how you do it. that's all.

Steve-Rosanna said...

Ditto what K said... Absolutely tired just reading it all.

But, just think-in three short years Spence will get his driver's license and take some of the driving load off poor mom. And when Cami gets her license-your driving load will be cut by 2/3's.

That's what happened in our family as soon as you and Nate got your licenses.

So, plan on choosing a few novels to read starting around 2009-2011.

We love you guys! You are beyond amazing!!

Love, Grandpa-Grandma

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