Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I felt really badly when I left town on Thursday night, since it had been an extraordinarily crazy week and I had not gotten as much done as I'd intended to before I left. One of the tasks I left Glen with on that night was baking up some Amish Friendship bread starter and getting gifts for the girls' teachers in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week.

Being the trouper that he is, Glen trekked to the store with all the kids to find gifts, then labored well into the night baking up a big double batch of the Amish Friendship bread.

The girls were quite excited as they went off to school on Friday morning with prettily wrapped bread and gifts in hand, so excited that they went out to the bus stop, which is just a few doors down and across the street from our home, a little early so there would be no chance of missing the bus.

After a few minutes of being down at the bus stop Emma came racing up to the house crying because the owner of the house where the bus stop is, had run over their backpacks and bread which were on the sidewalk next to their driveway. (If I had been home there definitely would be a picture of the crumbly mess to share with you, but alas I was 2000 miles away with our only camera in my hands).

They didn't care about their backpacks, nor had they feared for their own safety, but they were both heartbroken about the squashed bread. Thankfully Daddy came to the rescue--quickly wrapped up two new loaves (thank goodness for the double batch) and sent them back on their way; hoping that was the end of the strangeness of the day. When Cami came racing back to the house shortly thereafter, Glen had no notion of what else could've possibly happened...

...thankfully there were no more crushed pastries or tire tracks across their homework. The lady was just feeling a little guilty about her driving mishap so had offered (more like stuffed) $12 into Cami's hands and then driven away.

Ummm, yeah. That was a little weird.


K said...

It's a story they can tell their kids, grandkids and great grandkids. It sure makes me laugh.


Denise said...

I know I also would have been anguishing about the bread...but surely if she learned that Glen had done the baking she would have offered more...or less?

It is a little wierd.

Anonymous said...

She definitely would have kept right on going if she knew who did the baking!

I have to say it was pretty comical watching this lady get in and out of her car 10 times, pulling forward, pulling back, pulling forward again, running inside, etc. I had no idea what she was doing until Emma explained what had happened. The poor woman was clearly frenzied that morning! I think we've all been there.


K said...

That's such a ridiculously funny story. So, did you let Camikins keep the money?

JenJ said...

Kudos to Glen for the HUGE amount of stuff he had to coordinate and the details he had to cover while Mama was away!!!!!!

Cat said...

Okay, so I'm still stuck on the whole crazy lady RUNNING OVER THE KIDDOS' BACKPACKS thing! What the...?!

I mean, she ran 'em over! Squished 'em good! Good lord.

On the upside... twelve bucks, right?

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