Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Home Tour

Here's a peek at our house this holiday season....

 Glen "fluffing" our artificial tree.  With Glen's allergies we'll never be able to have a real one. 

Our 4-foot tall wreath.

Our clearance rack steals from last year--a mere 5 bucks for giant inflatables.  I'm pretty sure Glen would've bought 20 if they'd had enough.  :)

Our olive wood Nativity from Jerusalem.

Our wooden JOY from our wedding.

Our porcelain Christmas tree from Aunt Evelyn (also from our wedding).

Our stuckings hung by the chimney with care.
FYI  We like the mismatching look.  Every time I talk about getting matching stockings I get lots of protests from kids and Glen alike.   Apparently my stocking (made for me when I was a small child) is a left-handed stocking as it faces the opposite direction as the rest.  I'm not left-handed, but I love it anyway. 

Glen and Emma putting our wingless angel on top.  We got the angel as a wedding gift.  We kept it winged for a couple of years then one time when Spencer started asking a lot of questions about the wings,  we just pulled them off for accuracy's sake. 

Our final masterpiece!


(Based on the number of Christmas decorations we received as wedding gifts, can anyone guess when we got married?)



annalisa said...

i love your pretty decorations! i know when you got married but i will refrain from commenting.

K said...

I also know when you got married since I was there in my turquoise dress. (o:
I love all your decorations, especially your inflatables and your huge wreathe.

Aitch said...

I love your decorations. Do you want to come decorate my house? I haven't even put up my tree. Pathetic, I know.

mom said...

I love your Christmas decorations. I didn't realize you received some as wedding presents. We would love to have you come decorate my house. (Especially my tree.)

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