Tuesday, December 8, 2009

where's the beef

  had a sick child up in the middle of the night.

was up at the crack of dawn anyway.

did 139 loads of laundry and ran several errands.

dug adam's beloved bakugan toy out of the trash.

gave a whole new meaning to the phrase where's the beef when  randomly bought an entire freezer full of beef from a door-to-door salesman.

was a really good deal.

need beef recipes.   please help.

 am not as immune to onion breath as previously thought, although the french onion soup was well worth it.

wishing glen's blackberry would disappear.  forever.

so tired that personal pronouns, full sentences, and the shift key seem too taxing for my brain tonight.


alexandra said...

Wow! 139 loads, eh? That would mess with my brain, too.

K said...

I've never heard of a door-to-door beef salesman. Interesting. I hope you enjoy all the meat.
I wish Tom would chuck his blackberry too. He's gone on another trip now though.
Hope you get sleep and sanity tomorrow!

Denise said...

ohmy Lara. I relate. I relate. I relate.

Um...except for the beef part. lol!

Steve-Rosanna said...

And we thought you guys were all vegetarians...

By the way, whose freezer did you take the picture? No way it could be yours-as it almost looks empty!


Deanne said...

That's a lot of meat! Hope you don't plan on buying any other frozen foods for a little while...I don't know where'd they fit!

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