Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Letterboxing 101

As a mother I feel like I'm always searching for fun activities for our family that everyone will enjoy.  It used to be as easy as going to a park or mini-golfing or something, but I've found the older the kids get the harder it is to find things that will capture everyone's interest.

A few years ago we read a magazine article and discovered Letterboxing.  You've probably never heard of it before, but I'm here today to tell you that when the Proclamation to the World talks about "wholesome, recreational activities"  for families that letterboxing  fits those criteria on every front!  

So what is letterboxing?

It's like a grand outdoor treasure hunt!  You don't need any special equipment and you get to explore new parks and trails, get some exercise, and find a little "treasure" along the way!  It's fun for kids and adults alike!

 Here's a little tutorial for you if you want to give it a try:


First you log onto

Click on the book that says Letterboxing North America.

Click on your state.

Click on your region.

Then find a letterbox in a town near you and print off the clue.


Then get ready for your adventure by getting on your walking shoes and packing  a notebook, ink pad, pen, and stamp with you.

Follow the clues and find your letterbox.

When you find the letterbox remove the logbook from the box and stamp your family's stamp into the book and sign and date it (with a trail name).

Then replace the logbook and remove the box's stamp and stamp it into your own notebook (now your own logbook).  Write a quick note with the name of the box, the location, the date, and a quick note about the day.

Replace the stamp into the letterbox and replace the letterbox carefully into its hiding spot.

Have fun exploring!




Steve-Rosanna said...

Sounds like a whole lot of fun! Wish we had discovered letterboxing many years ago.

Thanks for sharing.

Addie said...

That is such a cool idea! I live in a small town and there are actually a lot of spots not too far away, I was surprised. I'll have to take my nephew next time he comes to visit.

K said...

I really need to try this sometime.

Clarinda said...

I've seen you post about this before. I totally want to try it sometime. Next step...convincing Jeff he wants to do it, too. :-)

Deanne said...

We did this when we went to Harper's Ferry. Thanks for the tips!

Mirien said...

I think I read the same article in the same magazine years ago. And filed it into the Fun Activities folder but have yet to try it. Maybe when all the snow melts. It is hard to find things to do as a family that span the interests of all the children, isn't it?

Trisha said...

Can't wait to do this... but maybe I'll wait for the snow to melt! And I don't need a GPS for it?

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