Sunday, December 13, 2009

An Explanation

  You've probably noticed over the course of my blogging adventures that my family and I are very close. I talk to at least a couple people in my family every day of my life and although we are scattered around the country I truly consider my brothers, sisters, and parents as my very best friends.   Through phone calls, blog posts, and emails they hear all about my good days, my grumpy days, and my frazzled days and I hear theirs.

In the course of these friendships, it has occurred several times that I  have asked a sibling (usually Kristina) to preview a blog post to make sure I haven't said anything too over-the-top and many times I have returned  the favor for them.

At first I was really careful to change my password in conjunction with these editing sessions, but over time I got lazy and just kept it the same.    Same with Spencer.  I signed up for my google account with my juno email address, but as soon as Spencer signed up for a gmail address from the same computer it instantly linked the two accounts together; hence Spencer's free access as well.

So why don't I do anything about it?

I just don't care enough.  I have full faith that neither Kristina, Matt (the other main hacker), or Spencer would ever do anything truly embarrassing to me.  I do a good enough job at self-deprecation that there's little they could say or do that could beat me in that department.

Plus I got a free blog post, a couple more followers, and a few laughs on a grumpy day out of the deal.  Nothing wrong with that.

PS  For your entertainment purposes, here's a link to a few other hacked blog posts from the past.



Steve-Rosanna said...

We love highjacked posts!! They always add a lot of fun to our tedious boring lives.

So, please don't dare change your passwords and spoil the opportunities for an occasional hi-jinx from your baby sister.

Thanks for the laughs!

Love, Dad and Mom

Charlene said...

I love how close your family is. Something that I wish that my own family had. Keep up with the blogging and highjacked posts!! Know that they brighten someones else's day!!

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