Friday, December 11, 2009

Flashback Friday: Kindergartener

Can you tell which one I am? 

Hint #1:  I had about the same fashion sense with shoes then as I do now.

Hint #2: Pink foam curlers were a regular part of my fashion routine up until I was 15 or so.


Random Fact #1:  The scratches on the picture of the girl second from right on the second row were made intentionally by me, because I did not like the girl.  

Random Fact #2:  I LOVED that green gingham dress I was wearing and wore it every possible day my mom would let me, which meant several times a week.




JenJ said...

I love that gingham dress. I can see why you wore it so often!!!!! :)

Steve-Rosanna said...

Oh the memories!!

Thanks for sharing. We love these flashback Friday posts by you and K.

By the way, you always were the cutest!

Love, Mom and Dad

Heather's "the non-tumor" Sibling said...

To quote the gubernator:
"It's not a tumor" (imagine it with an Austrian accent)

K said...

I am very confused by the above comment. Did I miss something?

You are adorable in that photo Lara. Thanks for letting me copy your idea!

Sandra said...

That is such a cute picture. I love seeing the old ones. I too have some like that and I look so dorky!

Mirien said...

I'm glad the scratches were on the photo--for a minute I thought you meant you scratched the girl!

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