Friday, September 24, 2010

Flashback Friday: Family Home Evening Fights

The other day I was contemplating life and how it was that I became a blogger.  What was it that took me from my first post on dial-up internet to feeling like it was an important part of my life?

 Sure I like sharing stories and ideas from the trenches of motherhood.  I like taking and sharing photographs.  And, to be totally honest, I frankly enjoy the attention blogging brings as well.  But that still didn't explain it completely.

Then one day recently in the midst of reorganizing the basement it struck me.  I had just put several volumes of my journal up on the shelf and thought, "This is it."  I've filled journal after journal with my ramblings since I was 8-years-old.  Although I've never considered myself much of a writer, I definitely have always used writing as an outlet in my life.

Blogging has given me the outlet to write, to share photos, and to make a fool of myself in the name of a good post.

So, today's Flashback Friday is a little tribute to my journals--past and present.  Sadly for you it won't have any photos of my teased hair, embarrassing costumes, or buck teeth, but it will show you a little glimpse into my 12-year-old brain (and my family).    

I had used my journal to take notes through Family Home Evening one night...
TRANSLATION:   Sunday, February 16, 1986 (12-years-old, 7th grade)

We are getting ready to have Family Home Evening (FHE).  Here is what we're doing for FHE.  We have a fire on the fireplace.
Conducting: Kristina RaChel
Song chosen by: Mom: The Iron Rod
Song chosen by: Nathaniel: I Hope They Call Me on a Mission
Song chosen by: Me: The [Books of the] New Testament
Song chosen by: Peter: The Time is Far Spent
Song chosen by: Matthew:  Happy Birthday to Me (cause mine's next)
Song chosen by:  Heather:  I am a Child of God
Opening prayer given by Dad
Then we have  going over our calendar time.
Lesson given by: Mom
About:  Our Lessons that we had in our [church] class
Closing prayer: By Dad

Funny.  It was like I knew I was going to blog someday and would need some good material.   

(As a credit to my Mom and Dad--they were diehard with Family Home Evenings and would persevere with having them every week despite the occasional unhappy ending, that most likely revolved around some sibling provocation instigated by me---hence the reason for me not sharing the instigator's name in my entry.)



Steve said...

Too funny, yet all too true! And unfortunately most of the time I was the instigator-usually over something stupid like undone chores. Too bad I was such an immature father at times. Oh well, thankfully you all grew up to be wonderful spite of my bad example! All the more reason to be so grateful to your ever stable mom!

melissa said...

that is really funny! that's also really neat that you still have records from way back when ;)


Jocelyn Christensen said...

LOL! But you had it! :)

K said...

I can't believe you wrote all that down. That's awesome. I remember well our FHE's ending in fights pretty regularly, but we still had them. I'm grateful to Mom and Dad for always making FHE a priority!

Charlene said...

What great examples of perserverance!!! We are so grateful that you take the time to blog FHE lessons!! We have used them and have been blessed by them. Thank you so much!! We love them and my kids love FHE because of them!!

Matthew K said...

Man, I was such a reprobate, choosing the one and only non-spiritual song of the night. Things haven't changed much.

I think that I remember this particular FHE. I am pretty sure that this is the time that Lara threw me out the second story window for not choosing a spiritual song.

Matthew K said...

Did I catch a "AnnaLisa is spoiled" comment right under "Ended in fight"?
Good thing AnnaLisa isn't going to read this ;)

Lara said...

AnnaLisa, you know I was kind of a brat when I was 12, right? Forgive me for calling you spoiled when you were 2 years old, even if it was true. : )

Linzie said...

I would be soooo sad and with out anything to do if you ever stopped blogging! Having not grown up with FHE I am learning that with 3 kids and "objects" for an object lesson, it usually has a fight scene in there some where along the line!

annalisa said...

Don't worry Lara. I just thought it was hilarious when I saw the sentence underneath about me :)

What can I say, when you're the second youngest of 8 kids, you're bound to be spoiled ;)

I remember FHEs like this. It makes me laugh now thinking about it.

Steve said...

During last general conference or maybe the one before that, Elder Bednar reported that FHE's in their family also often ended in fights. Nothing ever said in GC ever made me feel better!! ;o)

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