Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Summer Reading List

“The only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it. You either have to laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh. Crying gives me a headache.” Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Well, today my life either officially became the basis for a brand new episode of "I Love Lucy" or someone's playing a big practical joke on me.  

I can hear the laughtrack now as the camera pans to me as I forget commitments, babysit 6 kids, wipe marker off a toddler's belly, our dog escapes by climbing over the fence, have my car battery die, and then while I moan on the phone about what a crazy day I am having, a bird poops on my head.  Yes, right on my head, dripping down into my ear.

Hehe.  Someone's laughing, right? 

So, enough of the complaining.  Heaven knows I've done enough of that lately. 

This is a post I've been wanting to do for a while now.  Most of you long-time blog readers know that I love to read, so this post is dedicated to showing a glimpse at mine and Glen's summer reading lists.   Here's mine...a mix of modern and classic and self-help.  A little over 3500 pages. 

Here's Glen's...some modern, motivational, some scriptural.  (He read the Doctrine and Covenants, not the entire standard works.)  :)
I was pretty impressed that Glen's list almost matched mine in volume.  I attribute that to my stellar influence on him over the last 17 years, since he rarely read for pleasure until a few years ago.  Stellar influence or boredom at waiting for me to finish up...

It's a good thing I read when I had the chance, because not only do I not have much time to read anymore, but I'm pretty sure I'd fall asleep in two seconds flat if I even sat down these days.



Steve-Rosanna said...

"Catnip, there is no more District 12" Thus ends the second volume of "The Hunger Games". And now I am deeply entranced in "The Mockingjay" the last volume. This is literally the first series that I have read in many years. Of course I always have to fight sleep everytime I sit down to read.

Thanks for the list. Some good ideas after I finish the Collins series.

K said...

Did you enjoy Brothers Karamazov? I was never a big fan of Russian literature, but don't remember disliking that book the way I hated some others.

Hope tomorrow is a better day!

annalisa said...

Poor Larachka! I can't believe a bird pooped on your head. That's so gross! And your car battery died. What's up with that?! I hope today is a better day!

Dang you've been reading a lot! I might have to read "The Hunger Games" series when I get back.

R said...

Did you ever figure out what you forgot? Sounds like a pretty horrible day. Did you have roadside service for the dead battery? I hope you were at home when the bird pooped on you so you could wash it off immediately. (It happened to me when I was a kid, and it's no fun.)

Very impressive books you've read.

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