Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Ellie's Toof

Okay.  After leaving this post "wordless" all night, I just can't stand it anymore.  I at least need to give you the short story.  Basically Ellie's front teeth have been wiggly for a couple of months.  Last night she bonked her mouth right before dinner, which left one of her teeth hanging by a thread and bleeding.  She was too paranoid to eat, since she'd accidentally swallowed one of her previous two teeth that she'd lost.  Spencer jokingly offered to pull it out for her and much to my shock, she actually accepted!   All right.  Now I feel better.  Enjoy the photos! :)




K said...

Congrats Ellie! I hope the tooth fairy brings you something good!

Charlene said...

Yay!! for bravery!! My Emma lost both of her two front teeth which I was so excited since we were so close to Christmas, but then a week later the two permanent ones broke through and almost are done!! I was so not happy!!

annalisa said...

Yay! For lost teef! Ellie you are brave for letting Spence pull it out. I also hope the toof fairy brings you something good!

Deanne said...

Too cute!

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