Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Party On!

Oh yay!  A VIP invitation.  It must be for me, since I've been told before that I am a Very Imperious Person.  Oh, I'm so excited!  I love parties.  

Hmmm, what does it say inside?  I hope it's a pie and ice cream party with some good 80's music blasting! 

Uh oh.  My name isn't listed, but details like that don't stop an imperious person like me.  

Oy, there IS a fashionable clothing requirement? Hmmm.... 

Good thing I won't have any problem with that!   

Party on!!!



annalisa said...

I see now where Ellie gets her sense of fashion :)
I love it! You make me laugh!

Katie said...

This is good news! If ever I'm invited to a big event in town and need something to wear, now I know where to go. (I've especially got my eye on that 3 wolf moon...)

Annette said...

Fashionable clothing ... let's work on the definition first.

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