Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lara's Revenge....

Hope you don't think less of me after this confession....

Remember Miss Grumpy Lunch Lady who likes to yell at me? 

Although I look all sweet and innocent in these pictures, in reality, I sure showed Grumpy Lady a thing or two last Thursday....

I brought Subway sandwiches to the school Thanksgiving luncheon,

instead of  buying her pressed turkey parts in gravy. 

And then, in a fit of rebellious vengeance, stood up on the table and yelled,

"Hello!  My name is Inigo mon-Lara.  You yelled at me.  Prepare to splee" 

I don't know what 'splee' means, but it rhymed with 'me' and sounded all cool and vengeful, so I just went with it. 

Then I grabbed an extra one of her precious plastic spoons and challenged her to a battle of the wits right then and there. 

I won handily....of course. 

(For some strange reason, nobody really believes me when I tell them this story.  I'm hoping that by putting it here in print that people will finally start to take me seriously for once.) 




Karey said...

I can totally see you doing this, Lara ;) I'm glad you got your revenge!

Denise said...

Splee!!!! Splee!!! Splee!!!

I like it.

Maybe we can start something here.

ps. I TOTALLY believe you.

K said...

Of course, I believe this really happened. Ellie even told me all about it. She even joined in the fun by stealing a few extra plastic forks and spoons.

Deanne said...

What ever happened to sporks? Now that would be a duel! =)

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