Sunday, November 28, 2010

Getting to Know Me....

THEY SAY:   Some people say you can get to know a girl by looking at the contents of her purse.  

LARA SAYS:   I say, it's all well and good to peek into people's purses, but  if you want to get a really good glimpse at someone's personality, then take a look at the photos on their cell phone.  The snapshots of scenes that were just too good to pass up will tell you far more about their personality and values than any stick of gum ever could.  


Here's a glimpse into the photos on my phone: 

 A spinning class doing their workout OUTSIDE.  For some reason I found myself somewhat embarrassed for them sweating and panting for the whole world to see and just couldn't resist taking a picture of them. 

The bookshelves of my friend Karen to show to the guy who was constructing our built-ins. 

Gorgeous cupcakes made by my friend Jenny for a baby shower.  I couldn't wait to show it to Cami, who happens to love decorating cakes/cupcakes. 

A really yummy looking recipe I found while perusing a cookbook at a store. 

A really cute and creative picture Ellie had drawn of "princess art on easels".  She was particularly proud of that picture and was giving it away to someone, so I snapped it quickly before she gave it away. 

The local Domino's store, which had just been rammed by an old guy in a fancy Jaguar.  We were there within a couple minutes of it happening and enjoyed our 2 minutes of being the gawking/picture taking bystanders. 

Really cool airplane exhaust trails. 

And today is YOUR LUCKY DAY.  I figured while you were all getting to know my charming, albeit random, personality a little better, you could also see a glimpse into my beautiful fake Louis Vuitton purse (taken by my cell phone camera of course)...
  And with that, I'm going to stop writing blogposts late at night....



K said...

I like your post Lara! I just can't believe you have Listerine and Tom's deodorant at the top of your purse. How ridiculous. I mean that is a very big purse to fit all that stuff. I got a super small purse so no one could tell anything about me by looking in it. And nobody better be looking in it.

Taking pics of a recipe at the store is hilarious.

Mom said...

Love this post. Those are really awesome pictures. Especially love the jet trail picture. Thanks for making me laugh.

PS What a big purse you have, my dear.

Steve-Rosanna said...

What a novel idea-allowing us a peek inside the mind of our Type A personality super-mom daughter. Thank you for this sneak peek and lovely insights in a beautiful mind

annalisa said...

So you're a people watcher who likes to take pictures:) You like home decorating ideas. You know and love your children. You and your family love pizza. You love to cook. And you are awesome!

P.S. That purse is huge!

meeks said...

My phone is always filled with videos the kids have made. Very random, and often a good laugh.

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