Friday, November 5, 2010


Lucky for you, I'm not feeling very verbose today, so you will be spared my long-winded reflections on the poor genetics we've passed onto our children and I'll cut right to the chase (a leftover cliche from last post): 

Cami (and her cousin Madeline) BEFORE BRACES:


AFTER:   She still needs some pretty serious dental work before she's totally done, since she's missing two of her permanent teeth right in front (see I told you it was poor genetics). 

CELEBRATING:  What better way to celebrate the happy occasion than with some gourmet cupcakes? (coconut, red velvet, pumpkin, german chocolate, dulce leche, chocolate)

BONUS:   I've been having to pick Ellie up early from school almost every day lately, but yesterday was the earliest yet that they've called (at 11:00).  Of course, Ellie didn't mind a bit that she was around for Cami's celebratory cupcake sampling fest and I admit it was kind of fun to have a bonus person home to join in on the celebration! 
( The coconut was our favorite!)



Karey said...

Woohoo! I still remember the day I got my braces off - such a happy feeling! And I agree - cupcakes are the perfect way to celebrate!

melissa said...
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annalisa said...

I can't believe Cami has her braces off. She looks different without her braces, but so cute!

Congrats Cami! What a happy day :)

Are the cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake?!

Deanne said...

Yay and Yum! I remember the day I got my braces off. It felt so good to run my tongue over the front of my smooth teeth. Oh Happy Day for Cami!

angela said...

She is gorgeous! I remember that day for me too. I had braces for over 4 years! My poor kids are doomed.

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