Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An Update on Our Snaggletooth

We went to the neurologist today and after discussing the side effects of her current medication and her sudden resurgence in seizures, it looks like we're back to square one.  Epilepsy medication has to be withdrawn and added extremely slowly, so we're starting her on a very tiny dose of a new medication and beginning the weaning process of the current  medication.  Basically that means that we're six weeks away from seeing her at full dose of the new medicine, which has all the same possible side effects as her current one.  We're hopeful, though, that the new one will be better for her little body. 

We'll take whatever baby steps we can get right now...

Speaking of babies....

Someone's gotta tell our "baby" to stop growing up so fast!  Not only is she outgrowing her clothes, but the tooth fairy's going to be broke if she doesn't stop losing teeth sometime soon.    Two in the last week and two more that wiggle when she breathes in and out. 

And here's hoping that she likes mashed peas, because baby food will be the only food she can eat before too long!    :)



Aitch said...

Hopefully this new medication will be effective for Ellie with no side effects.

I can't believe how quickly Ellie is growing up! Her current "snaggletooth" smile makes me laugh every time I see a picture.

Karey said...

Thanks for the update, Lara! Hopefully the transition off one and onto another medicine will go smoothly, and be better for Ellie.

Love you guys!

annalisa said...

Ellie is so adorable! She is growing up so fast ;)
I hope that the new medicine will be better for Ellie Bellie!

Dad-Mom said...

Thanks for the update on the new pharmalogical regime for sweet Ellie.

However, mom and I are totally entranced by the stunning portrait of little Miss Snaggletooth. You need to submit it to "Faces" or one of the photography web sites, as you have absolutely captured the essence of this little doll.

A perfect portrait!

Deanne said...

That is the cutest picture! I love that lonely little tooth in the front. I'm sure it won't be there for much longer. =)

Annette said...

Hope all goes well with the transition. By the way, that is the cutest picture of Ellie!

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