Monday, December 6, 2010

Playing Hooky

 We don't do this often, and perhaps not ever before...but we played hooky from stake conference this week and made a whole weekend of Spence's lacrosse tournament. 

We went to Williamsburg. 

We got some Christmas shopping done at the outlet malls there and drove around town.

We did more than our fair share of lounging around in the hotel room, absolutely thrilled that there was no housework, no homework, and no cooking. 

 We watched Spencer play lacrosse.  His team isn't usually super competitive, but while they won only one of four games, two of the games were really close.  Spencer did his part by scoring three goals!

The wind was howling, so we got to put our winter gear and snuggling skills to use to keep warm. 

Or in Emma's and Adam's case, forget the snuggling....they wrestled to keep warm.  There were a couple of people shooting me dirty looks through their half-hour long wrestling match, but I figure, hey, they were mostly laughing and only cried a couple of times. 

And I just had to throw this one in, to show off that she's lost all four of her front teeth now.  Her two big ones are growing in so fast, that she'll probably get her wish of having them for Christmas.  :)

 And then Cami got to be Vanna White, although that description sounds a little bit more glamorous than it really was.  The coach was looking for someone cute to choose the winners of a raffle for some free lacrosse heads.  Cami's job was to pull stinky jerseys that they'd been wearing for four games out of the bag.  Ew.

She did pick her own brother's jersey though, so I was happy that she was the one getting her hands stinky. 

And then we came back home to a clean house (okay, okay so maybe it wasn't really clean, but I had mopped the floors before we left, so it was cleaner than usual)  and a happy dog! 



The Busby Family said...

Looks like you guys had a great weekend. I hope you get ellie's meds figured out soon, so she can feel better. How frustrating. She is so adorable.

Aitch said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!

Andie said...

Glad you guys got to get away! I know what you mean about playing hooky on conference weekend. It's tempting because they're usually the only weekends when there aren't a ton of other commitments at church scheduled and you even CAN get away if you wanted to.

You guys are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area of the country. We spent our Saturday digging out from 10 inches of snow. :)

Katie said...

For some reason, I feel like a weekend lounging in a hotel would solve all my problems! Until then, I will settle for a day brightened by that toothless grin!

JenJ said...

So fun!!!! I can't believe how old and grown up and great Spencer looks. Cami too. What a great family. We love you guys.

annalisa said...

Go Spence! Scoring three goals is awesome!

That's funny that Cami picked Spence's jersey out of all of them.

Your children are adorable! I love Ellie's smile without her four front teeth! I love that Adam and Emma were wrestling! That is definitely one way of keeping warm :)

K said...

Sounds like a fun weekend Lara. Adam and Emma wrestling is hilarious. I can imagine the looks. (o:

Annette said...

Looks like fun!

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