Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Card Game

The Christmas cards are sent (mostly), the shopping is done (mostly), the treats are made (mostly), and I am tired (totally). 

The kids are oscillating between ecstatic excitement and sensory overload and in amongst all this craziness I am trying to give them some semblance of a remembrance of why we celebrate Christmas.  Our family home evenings this month have all been dedicated to serving others.  Some days I think they're finally getting it...thinking of others before themselves, but other days I'm pretty sure that they have severe short term memory loss. 

One other thing I've been doing in hopes that it will help us  all to  keep Christ in our hearts more this season is reading them a Christmas story every night at bedtime.  We have a number of beautiful picture books that share stories of unselfishness, love, and the spirit of Christ.   It's one of my favorite traditions of the season.  I don't have time right now, but maybe sometime in the next few days I'll share some of my favorite books with you.  

And since this has been my all-consuming project of late, here's a glimpse of our Christmas card this year (the scanner cut off the very bottom).  We sent them later than we like to, but we are hopeful that most people will still receive them before Christmas.     Glen and I LOVED this card and I love the tradition of exchanging Christmas cards.  I have no intention of ever going digital on Christmas greetings!  

And for a little Christmas card game: 

One-and-a-half of us were photoshopped into this picture.  Can you tell who?  I'll post the original picture another day and maybe I'll bring some of my toffee over to whoever guesses right. 



Aitch said...

I am guessing that Lara and Adam are the ones that were photoshopped in.

Can't wait to have some of that delicious homemade toffee (which I am hoping I will get to sample regardless of whether I win . . . hint hint Cami)!

P.S. I really like the card and the picture! Great job.

Denise said...

Lara was definitely photoshopped.

And I am pretty sure that Spencer's head is also photoshopped.

i LOVE toffee!!!!

Matthew K said...

I agree. Lara and Spencer's head. I agree with Heather that I hope that I am able to sample some of the toffee regardless.

Reynolds Rundown said...

No way is Spencer that big--isn't he only 12??? So, I vote Spencer and Lara. I think I'm too late for toffee. Blast.

annalisa said...

I think Spence and Lara and Adam.

Am I right? Am I right? :)

GG said...

I can't tell who was photo shopped in and I am in the picture and was there that day! Talk about short-term memory loss. Dang-it-all!

Steve-Rosanna said...

My guess is also Lara and Adam and I know that I am far too late (and far away) for any yummy toffee. So to coin a new phrase "Dang-it-all!"

Deanne said...

Without looking at the other comments yet, my guess is you and a smile on Spencer's face. =)

And thanks for thinking of us to send a Christmas card. I love getting them. I would have never guess you had to doctor up your photo!

Merry Christmas!

Deanne said...

Oh, and no need to bring us toffee. I actually just made a batch of your yummy toffee today (from your recipe blog). Thanks for sharing it!

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