Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why oh why?

Why?  When I have absolutely nothing to blog about, do I feel the need to blog anyway?

Is it because I hope that by starting to type that something profound will flow forth from my fingertips?  Or is it that I can't sleep at night until I've at least got a blogpost forming in my head?  Or is it that I love you all so much that I can't bear the thought of you having to go through another Lara-free day?  Or is that youuuuu..........

Wait a second.   Patience please!  I feel  profundity  emanating from me. 

A precise post of plutonic proportions is percolating in the pits of my pectorals and pure pituitary pensiveness will placate the most proverbial pickled pixie in Pennsylvania.   Then my progressively prominent post will plow past the pure pointless pile of pungency that is this post and your passive paranoia that I'm pudgy and predictable will proceed to persuade you that I have a proud perception pecking, but purely placid, polite, and  pleasing personality. 

PS  I love you too.

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Karey said...

Wow! I don't know why you worry about the functionality of your brain late at night! My late night blog posts would seriously look like this: blah, blah, blaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, alsdkjf;aiojowjrfklsd. :)

I'm impressed with your alliteration skills! Very clever.

(now I guess I should have tried to make this heavy on one letter or another, but I guess my brain doesn't work that way early in the morning either!)

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