Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This Christmas vacation...

I will...wear my sweats/pajamas as often as possible and make-up as little as possible. 

We will....have a Wii free day.

We will....try out some new board games.

We will.....make our gingerbread houses (from scratch).

I patient when Ellie has her daily hour-long crying fit.   (another side effect of the medication)

We all the leftovers from our Christmas in Bethlehem dinner. 

I will....start cleaning up the messiest room in the house (Santa's workshop our bedroom). 

I will.....finally give the guitar a try on Band Hero. 

I will....NOT be try the singing part on Band Hero. 

I will....officially put away the rest of the summer clothes.

We will....find places for all of our new presents or get rid of things to make room for them. 

I Adam with his Scouts, Cami with her Personal Progress,  Emma with her Faith in God, and Spencer with a preliminary Eagle Scout project plan. 

I will....NOT look at (or think too much about) my PTA stuff.

I will....enjoy the last few days of carefree treat eating before starting back on our sugar-once-a-week diet again in January. 

I will....finally send out the last few straggling Christmas cards. 

I will...enjoy the fresh air and take a peaceful walk at least once a day.

I hope hoping that by writing this all down, that it will help me to remember a few things that I am committed to accomplish (or not accomplish) this Christmas vacation.  If you have any great ideas of something I should add, please feel free to enlighten me.  :)



meeks said...

Great list! I will...get dressed before it is time to get back into my pjs today!

meeks said...

Great list! I will...get dressed before it is time to get back into my pjs today!

K said...

I hope you sent a card to do have our new address, right?

Deanne said...

Only one more day of break left. HOpe you were able to accomplish everything on your list!

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