Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I ♥ ....

I ♥ my Christmas tree
I ♥ online shopping
I ♥ package deliveries
I ♥ Christmas cards

and of course I ♥ Glenny, Spencey, Cami, Emmi, Addi, and Ellie-boos.  (Glen says that if you ever call him Glenny, he'll probably defriend you on Facebook).   ;)

And now for an informal poll:  Do you prefer shopping in stores or online? 

I have no idea how Christmas ever happened before the days of online shopping.  The parking lots are packed enough without people like me filling them up. 


Denise said...

in stores for sure. i love the rush of people and looking at the items...touching, playing, etc.

but online is fun too.

apparently i just love to shop.


mom said...

I actually love to see the things I buy not just a picture of them, however, I don't like paying for shipping so online wins only for that reason.

We actually went shopping Tuesday evening and every store was amazingly uncrowded. Even WalMart.
Brick and mortar stores may not be doing too well this year.

Mirien said...

Online. No contest. But I try only to order from places that are easy to return to if needed, and from sites offering free shipping. Today I spent the afternoon in IKEA and TJMAXX--blech. I just logged on to finish up on Amazon.

Steve-Rosanna said...

Not sure how we survived prior to on-line shopping. Hard to tell you how many useless jaunts I used to take hoping to find something on sale-only to arrive and be disappointed when everything was sold out.

In the olden days (four or five years ago), we regularly used to spend hundreds of dollars to ship packages after we bought and wrapped them.

You couldn't pay me to go back to the old days! I haven't even bothered going to a "Black Friday" or a "Day After Christmas" sale for years.

Hooray for Amazon and all the other .coms that allow me to shop in the privacy of my home in my pjs....

Andie said...

Online when the shipping is low, the main store is far away from my house and not worth the gas to get there, and the return process is easy. I always google the name of the store and "coupon code" before I buy anything. Often I can find 15% off and/or free shipping that way.

We did learn the hard way one year about opening the gifts to inspect them before wrapping them. Ryan ordered me a new temple dress and they shipped men's polyester pants instead. That was pretty funny on Christmas morning because it was us, but if it had happened with something we bought for the kids it might not have been so cute.

Katie said...

Ooooh...I've never heard of, but the name alone on that tall box is enough to turn me into an excited kid at Christmas!

(And yes, thank you Amazon for eliminating the need to ever leave the house!)

Deanne said...

It's a toss-up for me. But having a free membership to Amazon Prime right now has leaned me towards online shopping. I order it and in 1-2 days its at my door. So great.

But I still love hitting the stores and browsing around (only during the week in the mornings though when the crowds are minimal).

I'm also intrigued by I'll have to check it out...can I ask what's in the box?

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