Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Night Stream of Consciousness

Some random thoughts running around my brain tonight: 
  • Stomach bugs are horrible and I especially hate how hard they are on Ellie.   On the other hand, because of Ellie's vast experience with vomiting, she's  extremely accurate.  She hasn't missed the toilet with her spewing in over 2 years. 
  • Some of Spencer's friends called Glen, "buff and intimidating" and for some reason I can't stop laughing about it.  Buff maybe, but intimidating I'm a little more flummoxed about.
  • I have awesome friends.  One immediately gave us Pedialyte when they heard of Ellie's sickness, saving us a Sabbath trip to the store.  And another brought popsicles and a little present for Ellie.  It was the first time we'd seen her smile since this all hit her on Saturday night. 
  • This whole goody-a-day posting on my recipe blog is doing a number on my waistline.  Dang it!
  • Watch your mailboxes!  Our Christmas cards arrived from Shutterfly this week and I just wrote our newsletter.  Now I just need to print, address them,  and get them in the mail.  Yay--I love Christmas cards!  If I don't have your address, please feel free to email it to me and I'll add you to our list. 
  • I'm so happy that at least a few of my kids will still talk to Santa, even if they wouldn't look him in the eye if their lives depended on it. 

  • I had this vision that no amount of snow could bring my homeland of Minnesota to its knees, but after seeing all my friends' updates on Facebook, I'm pretty sure that either everyone's gotten wimpy or this really was quite the storm.
  • Glen stayed home from church today with Ellie and Adam (who has a different sickness) and I'm thinking I could get really used to coming home on Fast Sundays to a home-cooked dinner including cornbread and dessert (which he also happened to take pictures of for the recipe blog).   He took pictures of every step and even had Adam snap this one, so he could have both hands in it.  I'm so spoiled by my buff and intimidating man. 

  • Our sleep number mattress is one of the best home improvement projects we've ever made.  Speaking of which, it seems to be calling my name right now.  
  • Our very classy outside decorations could use a few stakes.  If you know where they ended up please call me.  They're either in the attic or the garage. 


Aitch said...

I hope Ellie and Adam feel better soon and that no one else catches what they have.

Your floppy Christmas decorations made me laugh :o)

The snowstorm this weekend was the worst one we've had since the Halloween Blizzard in 1991. We got close to twenty inches of snow and with the high winds we ended up with some really deep drifts. It was a great excuse to sit inside drinking hot chocolate and finishing up my online Christmas shopping!

mom said...

Sure hope the kiddos feel better quickly. It's sad to be sick during the Christmas Season.

Good luck finding your stakes for the outdoor decorations.

annalisa said...

I hope the kiddos get better soon!

Adam looks a little nervous in his picture with Santa :)

I think the stakes are in the garage;) You should look there.

Also if you have enough Christmas cards, will you please send me one to Dad and Mom's house? That would be lovely!

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