Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Year in NUMB3RS

Here's the non-edited version of our Christmas letter this year.  We decided not to include Ellie's epilepsy diagnosis at all, just to keep it upbeat.  The other things were cut for space issues, since we all know that I have a rambling problem. 

Our Year in NUMB3RS

1 Olympic triathlon PR for Glen.  (1500 meter swim, 40k bike, 10k run)

new countries for Glen (South Korea and India).

goals in one high school lacrosse game for Spencea hat trick!

times per week, on average, that we have to pick Ellie up from school due to her medication side effects.  

-years of blogging and it’s still Lara’s main creative outlet.

th childAdamis baptized in October.

front teeth all lost a few weeks before Christmas for Ellie!  

th childElliegoes off to kindergarten.  Yay!

days at Bethany Beach, Delaware with family.

months of Glen & Lara eating sugar only once-a-week.  Time to start it up again!

th grade homeschool for Camia family tradition.

times-per-daythat Lara wonders what alien possessed her long enough to sign up to be the PTA Vice President at the elementary school this year. (okay, maybe it’s not THAT bad) °Ü°

-years-oldEmma finally hits double digits.

years in Virginia means that Lara is now officially more Virginian than Minnesotan.

-week fitness challenge leaves Glen & Lara a little more svelte...too bad it took 12 days to fall right back into old habits (and clothes).

miles per week on average for Glen’s running regimen + daily exercise classes.

-years-old for Spencer means he’s officially old enough to get his driver’s permit (just got it this week).  Yikes!

-years of marriage this December!  ♥♥♥♥♥

kidsthe approximate number of kids Lara takes care of in  the church nursery each week.

22nd day of September, the day we first notice Ellie is having petit mal seizures all day, every day.  

the approximate number, of non-gray hairs Lara has left on her head

inches of snow last winter gave the kids a taste of my childhood winters in MN.

pictures, on average, that Lara takes each month.mostly of food and kids.

9,614--the number of hits on the Recipe Shoebox this month.  Too bad 10,000 is out of reach though, since there's no way on earth I'll post as often ever again. 

Thank you for sticking with me this year through my blogging identity crisis
and Ellie information overload!  Love you! 

Happy New Year to all of you!



Anonymous said...

1 - Thankful/Grateful Dad/Grandpa
2 - Delighted parents/grandparents
7 - Proud and thankful siblings
countless - friends-acquaintances

P.S. Is that actually a "smile" on stick figure Spence

P.S.S. Cami/Emma/Ellie make just as cute and adorable still figures.

P.S.S.S. Adam is a sweetie!

melissa said...

wow! you are amazing! Happy New Year!

K said...

Happy New Year Lara! I hope next year's list will include a visit with your Californian sibling.

Lara said...

mom thanks for putting me one time in our year in numb3rs love, emma

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