Sunday, September 29, 2013

Boring Old Update

WARNING:  If you are not a first degree relative, you will most likely fall asleep within seconds of reading this post.   If you choose to proceed anyway, you do so at your own risk and I will not be held culpable for any damage that may occur to body or electronic equipment when your face and/or drool hits your keyboard.  

Please initial here before proceeding________. 

10 Boring Things that I Don't Want to Forget

1. The other day Cami and I actually got into a tiff  about the word, "subterfuge".   I think I won.  She thinks she won.  I blame the whole thing 100% on her AP Lang class!

2.  My time without a kitchen is giving me the itch to get cooking again!

3.  Speaking of the kitchen, ours is finally starting the slow process of getting reassembled.  Some of the lights are in, the drywall is back on the wall, and the cabinets are supposed to be coming on Monday!

4.  Young Women is back in full swing after a little hiatus for the month of August and I am absolutely loving the time I get to spend with these awesome YW again.

5.  Ellie and Adam have unknowingly been doing a little planking on the trampoline lately.  They don't call it planking, but one will intentionally roll into the other one while they take turns falling over the other one then asking me to judge who fell the most realistically. One of them definitely has the better moves than the other, but I'm not saying who...

6.  I swatted at a wasp with my iPad this week.  Ellie was just sitting on the couch when the dang thing started stinging her and I grabbed the closest thing I could find, which happen to be my iPad.  Happily,  Ellie and the iPad are fine and the wasp is not.

7. My brain is completely swamped with appliance shopping, flooring options, and choosing contractors (roofers, electricians, and flooring people).  And I still have yet to choose the cupboard handles, lights, faucet, and table.  Oh yeah, and I'm trying to be a wife and a mom, homeschool the kids, keep up with my calling, and attempt to keep the house from falling apart.

8.  With all the extra time that  Adam and Ellie are spending together during homeschool, they are starting to learn more creative ways to resolve their differences.  Take their ongoing argument over whose turn it is to hold Rocky's leash....instead of trying to keep track of whose turn it is, why not just use two leashes instead?!

 9.  I nearly jumped a mile the other day when I was walking with the kids through the high school parking lot to pick up Cami from practice and suddenly we heard a loud boom and witnessed a car driving over a full can of paint.  It turned out to be quite amusing to see the designs it made on the pavement and we were pleasantly surprised that there didn't seem to be a drop of paint on the actual body of the car (only the tires).  The poor teen driver though, was so flustered and embarrassed that he gave the paint can owner $20 for the trouble.

10.  I grew up living hundreds of miles away from my nearest cousin, so I absolutely love seeing the strong friendship that my kids are forming with theirs.   I have three siblings, who have six kids between them that live in the area.

A couple of other random photos I don't want to lose:

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Reynolds Rundown said...

I'm not immediate family and I stayed awake the whole time. I love hearing about your family! I hope Spencer is enjoying JMU. I know you are a fantastic homeschooling mom. What a fantastic family you guys are growing!

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