Monday, September 16, 2013

PEI Quiz

Here's a short quiz to test your knowledge about Prince Edward Island.   You may or may not see some clues in the pictures below. (ANSWERS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST)

1.  Which of the following statements are true about Prince Edward Island?

a.  the homes and farms are charming
b.  the red soil and green rolling hills are breathtakingly beautiful
c.  the fishing is amazing
d. the whole island is over inundated with references to Anne of Green Gables
e. all of the above

2.  Which of the following did we NOT see in Prince Edward Island?

a. a cute Anne re-enactment
b. a pig race
c. old friends
d. a wild fox
e. an old fashioned hoe-down

3.  Which of the following lessons did we NOT learn in PEI ?
a. Cami is a mean fake manure thrower.
b. PEI residents are called "Edwardites".
c. Raspberry cordial is overrated.
d. Boys can have fun visiting Anne of Green Gables sites too

4.  True or False.  Canadians always refer to the province by its full name, Prince Edward Island?

5.  Which of the following statements about PEI are NOT true?   

a. the main industries of PEI are tourism, fishing, and agriculture
b. PEI has the highest per capita cancer rate of all the Canadian provinces
c.  the bridge that connects New Brunswick to PEI is the longest bridge in the world
d.  Lucy Maud Montgomery (author of Anne of Green Gables) was a Prince Edward Island native.

6.  Which kind of fish did we catch dozens and dozens of? 

a. mackerel
b. tuna
c. sunfish
d. cod

7.  True or False.  We plan to visit Prince Edward Island again as soon as we can.


(all of the above were undoubtedly true)

the Anne actress at the Avonlea Village was  not in the least bit endearing 

PEI residents are actually called "Islanders"

people wouldn't even understand us if we said the full name "Prince Edward Island"
 Prince Edward Island is PEI and British Columbia is BC

at about 8 miles long the Confederation Bridge from NB to PEI is actually only the world's longest bridge over ice covered waters

we could catch a mackerel (and sometimes two with the double hooks) almost every cast
we then used pieces of the mackerels to try to catch cod

while we thoroughly enjoyed our stay there, we decided that we would not ever feel the need to return.  we have too many other places on our list

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