Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cross Country Days

As a young girl I fancied myself a fast runner.  I remember racing my siblings around the yard and gloating in my frequent victories, not realizing that my longer legs (for the few years that I had longer legs) definitely put me at a bit of an advantage in those races.

When I was a little older, my friend, Jess, talked me into joining the junior high cross country team with her.  I had never participated in an organized sport before, but my hesitation was quickly won over by her persuasiveness and I slogged my way though the entire season enjoying the company but hating every step of the running.

After my junior high experience,  I vowed to never run again. Luckily though, shortly before my first year of high school started, the cross country coach started calling my house and recruiting me to join the team.  I liked the feeling of being wanted and after a while reluctantly agreed to join the team.

During my years in high school I never rose above being an average JV runner,  but even still I consider my decision to join that team as one of the pivotal moments in my life.  Not only did the cross country team surround me with some of the brightest, most hard working, and nicest students in my high school, but it also helped me to develop a confidence and self-discipline that have helped me through my whole life since then.
My senior year
Fast forward twenty plus years and now my own daughter is running on her high school cross country team.  She's continued to struggle with her asthma and has never come close to winning any races, but she has put her heart and soul into her running and I can't help but feel a whole wallop of nostalgia every time we attend one of her races.

Cross country is about the only thing about high school that I miss and I have enjoyed watching her make her own harrier memories....
                             2013                                                         1990

And I literally have to fight back tears when I see her pushing through the pain...

and giving that extra push to the finish line...

 Way to Cam!

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