Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Keep or Throw or Both?

With five kids in the house, we've had plenty of art projects come through our door over the years.  I usually hang them up around the house or on our bulletin board for a while, but struggle to know what to do with them once the next batch of artwork arrives fresh and bright from their backpacks.  Do I dutifully try to save them for some future day when I may get around to framing my favorites?  Or toss them in the trash never to see them again?  

For a while I tried a bit of both methods and wasn't too fond of either.  Then I started blogging and came across an idea that was the best of both worlds!

I take pictures of their projects, post them on the blog, then throw them away.  The artwork doesn't keep cluttering up our house and since they're now all safely printed into our annual blog books, someday I can still show them to my future grandchildren.   

I know that most people probably figured out this cool trick a few decades ago,  but it was revolutionary discovery for me!   Here are a few of my favorites that we've had hanging on our kitchen bulletin board for a while (some for a long while).  

"Stormy Night" by Adam

"Snow Globe" by Ellie (1st grade)

"All About Adam" by Adam

"Self Portrait" by Adam (circa 2012)

"Mother's Day Coupon book" by Ellie (2013)

"Halloween/Birthday card" for Emma by Ellie (circa 2012)

"Mother's Day card" by Adam (2013)

"Note to the Easter Bunny" by Spencer (circa 2005)

"Science Fair project" by Emma

"Old Faithful" by Adam

"Washington DC temple" and a "Picnic" both by Emma (several years ago)

"We are in a Flower" by Ellie (made in preschool)

My first attempts at sewing (too ugly to pass on to future generations):
My first ever attempt at sewing for Cami
circa 1998
Easter dress made for Cami (all of the girls eventually wore it)
circa 1999
My cross country bear from high school.

Adam's end-of-year signatures June 2013.  (4th grade)

We're not actually throwing this away yet...just didn't want to forget it!

Father's Day by Ellie 

Emma's Boston Report (one of her first middle school projects):


annalisa said...

I like this idea of taking pictures then blogging about it. Less clutter, but still have the memories :) I should try it someday.

Katie said...

They are ALL brilliant of course, but I have to say! Old Faithful is my favorite! LOVE it!

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