Saturday, September 21, 2013

Remission NUMB3RS

500+ miles of driving from NoVA to Harrisonburg, then back to NoVA, then back to Harrisonburg and back home again all in one day

 siblings who skipped school for the opportunity to spend a little time with their big brother  (I'm counting my two homeschooled kids in that number)

10 minutes total we spent in Harrisonburg

2 hours total Spence spent in Northern Virginia

20 minutes of which were spent at Spence's favorite NoVA restaurant, Cava Mezze

mom, happy to see her son, but tired from all the driving around and determined to find him an oncologist in Harrisonburg for future appointments.

16 months of being cancer free!!!


Clinic Stats:
Weight=69.5 kg, WBC=11,000 (high, but within the realm of normal for someone with a cold), Platelets=168, Hgb=15.2, ANC=7750


annalisa said...

Yaaaay for Spence's clean checkup!

Jennifer McArthur said...

Wonderful news! Happy to hear it!

R said...

So glad for the good news. Hooray for 16 months being cancer free.

What a long day of driving for you though.

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