Thursday, September 19, 2013

Quebec City

This is a long-lost blogpost I found from last summer that never got published.  I am pre-dating it back to September, so that it ends up in our blog books in about the right place.  I have no idea if it'll register in my feeds, but if you do happen to be reading this in May 2014, know that we have just as fond of our memories of Quebec City eight months later as we were  right after we got back!

It wasn't on our original itinerary, but my dad talked us into it adding it by telling us that  it was one of the prettiest drives in all of North America.  He had served his mission there many years ago and it holds a very special place in his heart.

We didn't go there with very high expectations, but from the moment we arrived, we were enchanted.

Quebec City is a city that has everything--history, natural beauty, decent prices, and plenty of free things to do.

We only ended up there for about two days, but we could have stayed ten and not grown tired of it.

There were costumed people everywhere, none of whom actually seemed to be participating in any reenactments.  It was something that greatly amused all of us, especially Ellie.

We also loved the architecture.  A tour guide told us that half the architecture is French and the other half English.  I'm not well-versed enough in architecture to know the difference, but the effect was charming.  We felt like we had plopped ourselves down in the middle of Europe.

Even the food was great and not overly expensive.   Random cannonballs lodged into trees proved entertaining as well.

Our obligatory dinner of authentic French crepes.  YUM!

If you ever get a chance to go to QC, know that it comes highly recommended from this family!   

Boy, my kids look small...

I want to move to this house.  I guess I'll start brushing up on my French.

I did take 6 years of HS and college French, but I didn't need to use it much in the touristy parts of QC, since everyone spoke English.

As soon as we got outside the tourist parts of the city, no one spoke a word of English.  

I look forward to another trip to QC someday, although I think that this time we'll make it a destination in itself instead of a side trip.

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