Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek at our house progress this week.

our living room...

and kitchen….

You may notice one big difference from the kitchen pictures in my last post….the floors!  They were the last big part of our remodeling and they are in process of getting finished right now.

We took forever to decide whether to go light or dark, but in the end opted for a nice medium brown.  It's a way different look than the natural finish we had before, but we absolutely love it!!!!

The worst part about it all is that we've been living in our basement this week.  Pretty much that means that we have 6 people crammed into tight quarters, we are eating convenience foods cooked in a toaster oven,  I have nowhere to go (other than the bathroom all 6 of us are sharing) to get one iota of privacy, and we are sleeping in mattresses on the floor.   Combine all that with the fact that Glen is working crazy hours, and you'll just have to excuse me if I look or act a little haggard or grumpy this week.

Which brings me to two things that have made me very grumpy in the last 24-hours.  First off, our dog!     He's a very sweet dog 93% of the time, but he's as out of sort as I am with our basement abode.  He's barking more than usual, following our every move,  and stealing food as soon as we turn our backs!  We opted not to set up our table since we were downstairs for such a short period of time, but it's proving to be a challenge not to have a safe place to set food down.  Here's what happened when I opened the front door while I was in the middle of fixing the kids' lunches today….

Last but not least, I  literally shed tears yesterday when I discovered that we had Spence's address at JMU incorrect and he hasn't received a single letter we've sent him all year.  Here I was thinking he was just being a typical teenage boy and not mentioning  the letters, but in reality he hasn't received even one.    Here's the postcard I'm thinking of sending to the students who live at the incorrect address who haven't bothered to return the letters to sender or tried to track Spencer down.  

 That'll show them.



Jennifer McArthur said...

Love! Love! Love! The house looks amazing! I'm so happy for you guys. It'll be worth all the headache in the end. Oh, and send the postcard. Send it.

Shelley said...

Oh sad about the letters! You're such a good mom to be sending stuff off to him. Does this mean some punk kids have also been getting packages with homemade cookies? If I were them I might not correct the error either :-o

Sarah Cannon said...

Looks beautiful! I always love reading your blog. I should be better about saying that.
And I think you should definitely send that postcard. It's perfect.

Grandpa-Grandma Crain said...

I like it. I am sure that you will be very happy with it. how far off was your address and how do you get your letters etc back? Or can you? how very maddening!

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